25 Yard Pistol Range

Our 25 yard pistol range has 10 lanes with electronic target returns for your convenience. A public viewing area is available; however, for safety reasons we do not allow spectators inside the range area. We do allow handgun calibers as powerful as a .44 mag as well as long guns chambered in any handgun caliber.

Safe and Comfortable Environment

At our facility we make sure that we provide to our customers a safe, well ventilated, lighted, air-conditioned range for your comfort so that you can enjoy your shooting experience. We have a large selection of firearms to rent which also allows you to try before you buy! At Harry Beckwith’s we believe you should be comfortable with your firearm and know what feels best for you. We do request that you purchase our ammunition when renting any of our pistols or small caliber rifles.

Range Safe Ammunition

We offer the largest variety of ammunition by providing you brands such as Remington, PMC, Federal, Winchester, American Eagle, and Independence to name just a few. If self-defense ammunition is what you are looking for, we offer several different calibers and name brands such as Hornady, Extreme Shock & Power Ball.


We carry a selection of paper bull’s eye and silhouette targets, as well as Dirty Bird and Shoot-N-See high visibility targets. We have quality eye and ear protection for sale, or we have some for rent. You are more than welcome to bring your own, but please help keep our range fees low by purchasing your targets and ammunition from our store.


For those who have never used a firearm or need assistance, we have professionals on staff to assist you while on the range. We also offer several different types of handgun safety and protection classes. Everyone at the range will have to follow all range rules and instructions from our staff, at all times.