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  MAG-20 / Classroom – Armed Citizen’s Rules of Engagement

A two-day, 20-hour immersion course in rules of engagement for armed law-abiding private citizens, emphasizing legal issues, tactical issues, and aftermath management. Topics will include interacting with suspects, witnesses, responding police officers…threat recognition and mind-set…management of social and psychological aftermath after having had to use lethal force in defense of self or others…and preparing beforehand for legal repercussions and minimizing exposure to them. Situations in the home, at the place of business, or “on the street” will all be covered.

Prerequisite: none. 

 This class is taught by Massad Ayoob.

Kindred Shield is a custom design handgun course specially formatted for the HB Customers.  Normally a week long course, Kindred Shield was designed by Modern American Combative Arts (MACA) Instructors Kyle & Ross with extensive experiencIMG 4021e teaching military, Federal, State and local law enforcement officers, and private sector civilians.

The course has been reconfigured onto 12 blocks of instructions lasting 2.5 hours.  Every block of instruction covers an absolutely vital skill (or skills) necessary to be considered a competent handgun operator.  Each block builds upon the skills taught in previous blocks.  After 11 sessions, the course culminates in a comprehensive assessment.  Understanding the Firearm Safety is part of every session, the following is a quick view of all 12 blocks of instruction:

  •      Draw Strokes & Reload 
  •      Malfunctions remedies & beginning movement       Iphone pictures 0071
  •      One Hand only shooting
  •      Moving before shooting and the proper use of cover Alternate positions and bilateral shooting
  •      Reduce light techniques, both with and without flashlights
  •      Engaging Multiple threats from Multiple directions
  •      Shooting while injured using one/two hands from standing or while on ground
  •      Close quarters shooting and creating distance
  •      Moving while shooting 
  •      Skill builders on previously covered skills and assessment preparation
  •      Course Assessment

Upon completion of each block of instruction, the student will receive a certification documenting their achievement and skill covered.  Only those students completing all 11 blocks and passing the Assessment will receive Course Completion Certificate (session makeups will be provided prior to the Course Assessment Date)

Dummy rounds caIMG 8746n be bought for 6 of them for $20. These will be used for practice. (Don't wait to the last minute to get them.  Let me know right away if you need them.  I will hold them for you.)

We know you have to practice what you have learned, so we will be giving you opportunities during the month to come down to the range and practice with us. So stop by and train with us. 

All classes are $95 each plus ammo.  Pick the classes you want to attend, or get the best training with all of them. You will get one class for free when paid in advance for all 12 classes. 


This is a great class that we offer for anyone who has no or little knowledge of firearms, and taught by a NRA Instructor. This class includes classroom instruction and range time learning to shoot revolvers and semi-automatic pistols.

Students learn NRA’s rules for safe gun handling; pistol parts and operation; ammunition; shooting fundamentals; range rules; and continued opportunities for skill development.

The class includes instruction, firearm rental, 22lr ammo, range time, targets, eye protection, and ear protection. If you bring your own firearm you will need to purchase 50 rounds of ammo from our store right before class. 

Required Equipment: If you bring a firearm it should be inside your range bag along with your eye & ear protection. You will also need pen & notebook.

4hrs $65.00 



We strongly recommend students have a good grasp on grip, stance, loading & unloading and moderate marksmanship skills before taking this class.


range shooting 2
This is the perfect class for shooters that have spent some time shooting and are looking to prepare themselves to carry a gun on a daily basis. We strongly recommend students have a good grasp on grip, stance, and moderate marksmanship skills before taking this class. This will aid in students getting the most out of the class.

Our commitment and passion is to equip law abiding citizens with the knowledge they need to have the attitude and confidence to protect themselves.

If you feel like you need more basic introduction, or a review to what you may already know please register for our Intro to Handguns class. The Intro to Handguns class will help you with safe firearm skills and basic marksmanship.

In the class we will be reviewing the Florida Statute 790.06. to learn how and where to carry your firearm properly in the State of Florida. Please review 
Section 790.06, Florida Statutes, to learn more about the law pertaining to Florida's concealed weapon license program at the Florida Division of Licensing   Another great resource is our local State of Attorney’s office     

We encourage you to bring your own centerfire firearm, if you don’t have your own firearm or can’t bring it for class you can rent one for $10. 

The class includes instruction, range time, targets, eye protection, and ear protection. You will need to purchase about 50-100 rounds of ammo from our store right before class. 

Recommended Reading: Florida Firearm Law & Use by Jon H. Gutmacher, Esq 

Required Equipment: Inside your range bag should be your personal protection firearm along with your eye & ear protection. You will also need notebook & pen.

4hrs $75.00 plus 50 rounds of ammo  (If you need a firearm you can rent one for $10)