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Intro to Self Defense Shotgun Part 1

Defensive Shotgun Part 1   Semi-Automatic
 Course Hours: 4hrs.

This is a beginning course that teaches the basic shooting skills and tactical application for the semi-automatic shotgun.  It has been utilized as a home defense weapon due to its ease of use. The shotgun’s intimidation factor can be felt from the sound of the weapon charging. This course combines the fundamental and basic skills necessary for self defense, competition, and marksmanship. You will learn the tactical knowledge required to survive with a shotgun in a hostile environment. 

Skills covered:
Safety- Administrative, range and operation carry
Nomenclature – Breakdown
Proper Loading Technique
Stance & Mount

Pre-requisite: Concealed Weapons License or Background check

250 rds. birdshot
25 rds. buckshot
25 slugs
Semi-auto. shotgun ( one will be provided upon request for $35)
Dump pouch/carrier for rounds
Eye and ear protection
Cap or Wide Brimmed hat
No loose-fitting shirts at the neck, tank tops,v-neck, etc… (to avoid brass from entering shirt)
Long pants with belt loop and sturdy belt
Sturdy closed-toe shoes
Water (enough to remain hydrated)
Lunch & snacks as needed
Note taking materials

Event Details & Costs

Event date 01-12-2019 9:00 am
Event End Date 01-12-2019 1:00 pm
Capacity 1
Avail. spaces 0
Price $125.00
Location Offsite - TBA

Venue Information - Offsite - TBA

Once you have sign-up for the course you will receive an email from instructor on location of the range.  The instruction & range time will be off site.

We are no longer accepting registration for this event

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